Prepare your home and your heating equipment for winter

Prepare your home and your heating equipment for winter

Winter is approaching with hostile weather conditions.

It is our duty to prepare for the harsh weather conditions posed by the season. The most important aspect to consider is to take care of the heating equipment and check the house so that everything is configured and throughout the winter the desired temperature is maintained inside the house. Consider the following before winter comes to escape the problems of the season:

Heating system

The heating system must work perfectly so that the family can survive in good health. There are three important details to keep in mind to achieve this wonderful atmosphere: verify, download and replace.

• The heating system must be checked for any technical problem and, with the help of a technician, must be cleaned. Thermostat, pilot, fuel line, heat exchanger, etc. It should be carefully checked so that there is no problem with the efficiency of the system.

• The thermostat should be used at an optimum temperature of 68 degrees, which would keep the house comfortable and save 10% on fuel bills. If you are more careful when saving the bill, reducing the temperature, even more, when the house is vacant will be helpful. Alternatively, you can use a programmable thermostat to set the temperature of a house at different times.

• Some houses still use boilers or ovens to keep warm; This is a good way, but the system will become defective after 15 years of installation. In such cases, the best alternative is the use of “Energy Star” heating systems that consume less fuel and also function more visibly.

Remember that the heating system is the main factor that helps to have a comfortable winter. However, other factors require special attention.

Air leaks

It is obvious that people do not intentionally open windows in winter. But there is a risk of air leaks that can occur through interstices of windows, pipes, electrical outlets, doors, etc. This means loss of heat and possibilities of microbial growth in a sealed atmosphere. Caulking and caulking can help prevent air leaks.

In most homes, the air leaves the chimney, the attic, the partition doors, the ducts, the sliding stairs or the cracks in the basement. Before trying to control the situation of the house. Be sure to check all these places and create a list of leaking places. This would help reduce repair time and prevent the escape of hot air during winter.

The complete isolation of the house by experts or by individual efforts can prevent air leaks.

Ceiling fan

Some ceiling fans come with a reverse switch option. When they operate in reverse mode or clockwise, they can collect the hot air that rises to the ceiling and distribute it throughout the room. This would help reduce the thermostat temperature and is ideal for homes with high ceilings.

Miscellaneous factors

Once all these important factors are taken into account, there are minor but “careful” factors that could increase the family’s winter happiness.

• Clean the gutters so that water does not accumulate in the trash, which could damage the roof.

• Extensions must be added to the downspouts to prevent water from accumulating near the base. The extension should keep the water at a distance of 4 to 5 feet to avoid long-term problems.

• Disconnect the outer pipes and drain completely because the water in the pipes can burst the pipe due to the freezing of water and the expansion of ice inside the pipe.

• Hire a professional to clean the chimney before burning the log. As inadequate ventilation can lead to the development of carbon monoxide in the house.

Apart from that, make sure you have all the winter supplements in advance so there is no need to go out in the cold ice cream. With all the above factors in mind, it is very easy to live a happy life with the family throughout the winter.


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