Chook House Plans – Keep your Chooks safe at night

Chook House Plans - Keep your Chooks safe at night

If you start raising your own chickens for the first time or raising chickens for years.

You know that you must provide shelter for your chooks. You can try to build them from scratch if you are a talented builder and have a lot of experience. However, most of us are not talented builders and we are likely to need chook house plans to help us design so that we can end up with a functional home for our precious birds.

When you start looking at chook house plans, you should make sure that they incorporate these basic features:

1. Space: Although they look like birds so small, birds need a lot of space even inside their homes. You must provide at least four square feet of floor space for each chicken you plan to raise.

2. Security: When you place your chooks in your house at night, you must ensure that the house is safe enough so that the natural predators that are ready to eat your first chickens cannot enter. While you need a door in your house’s chicken, you should be able to close it from the outside to keep your hooks secure.

3. Ventilation:

Like any living creature, your chooks will need a lot of fresh air not only for them to breathe but also for the smelly air to be expelled with a constant stream of fresh air.

4. Light: Like us, your chooks need a lot of natural light. The choke house plans should include at least one window, it should not be glass, but you will find that a glass window will help prevent bad weather while letting the light through.

5. A feeding system: When you start looking at chook house plans, you should choose one that includes some type of feeding and irrigation system that keeps your birds fed during the times when you need it. absent.

In the end, you are likely to find dozens of different chicken coop plans that probably include all of these features, the decision ultimately belongs to you and should be based on where you plan to have your chicken coop and your own personal tastes. You should make sure you can build it yourself. , unless you plan to hire someone to do the work for you. You can find maps in many places, but the Internet has become an excellent source of maps and information.


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