Soap making equipment for your home

Soap making equipment
Soap making equipment for your home

Soap making has been a hobby for many years and is considered extremely enjoyable and is potentially a good source of income.

Surprisingly, the necessary soap making equipment is readily available throughout the house.

The only tools you need are usually found in kitchens, such as:

Precise scale
– The scale must be in good condition, which means that it is measuring with absolute precision. Whenever possible, select a scale that can weigh 1/10 of an ounce. Accuracy is important in the production of soap, and all ingredients such as oils, bleach, fragrances, and ingredients must also be properly measured with water.

Protective glasses and rubber gloves.
– It is important that you stay away from damage, especially your eyes and hands. Caustic solutions can also damage corrosive raw materials.

Heat resistant plastic or stainless jug with lid
– Heat resistant plastic from two to three quarters is used to mix the caustic solution. If possible, mark it with a caustic solution; be careful.

Plastic or stainless steel spoon

– Plastic or stainless steel spoon can be used to mix the bleach solution.
– A large pyrex jar can be used to make soap in small doses of approximately 2 to 3 pounds. For larger doses of soap, a steel container of approximately 8 to 12 quarts is preferred. It can also be used to melt oils and mix the soap. Be sure to use a pot with a lid.

Plastic or glass bowl or jug
– Before pouring or adding to the soup pot, use two or three liters of plastic or glass containers to measure and retain liquid oils. You can also use large bowls.

Ramekins, glasses and measuring cups
– This is a soap making machine that is used to store essential oils, essential oils, dyes, soaps, and additives separately. They are assigned waiting to pour into soap pots.

Spoon and broom
– Spoons and brooms are used to mix or mix dyes, essential oils and other melted oils before pouring soap.

Spoon made of stainless steel or plastic.
– It is used to extract a small mixture of soap to mix dyes and add color to the soap.


– By the same name, they are used to mix oils with bleach blends, which is the beginning of the saponification process.

Soap form
– The soap form is the final appearance of the soap. This is where raw soap is poured. The molds can have any shape and any waterproof container that is made of plastic, glass or stainless steel.

Rubber spatula
– It is used to completely scrape all the soap solution from the pot.

Paper towels
– To clean the stains and cover the soap in the mold to keep warm.

You can easily access soap making equipment in the kitchen or anywhere in the house. All you have to do is look around, pick up the necessary tools, set them aside while preparing the area where the soap making process takes place. The tools can be added according to the needs that may arise during the soap manufacturing process.


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