Possible problems with the laminate floor

Possible problems with the laminate floor

Laminate floors can be an excellent flooring option.

Laminate comes in a variety of colors, sizes, styles, and patterns, making it a great product for almost every home. It is very durable and most people can install it with relative ease, provided they have a basic understanding of the floor. The tools required are minimal, and most of those who work independently would already have many, if not all, of the tools necessary to complete the installation. Laminate can also be installed in almost floor situations with only a small amount of floor. Affordability combined with durability can make this floor an option for many.

But (there is always a “but”) the laminate is not without potential problems. Before choosing your new laminate floor, you must be absolutely sure that it is the right floor for you and your lifestyle.

There are several situations and places where the laminate floor may not be the best option:

Small children
Humid areas
Unplanned “wet” areas

Pets: dogs are a particular problem

First, there are pets on the list, especially large dogs. If you have dogs inside, you should keep in mind that these floors can be quite slippery. The dog can be difficult to gain traction. If your dog is furious, it can be a real problem. You can end up with an injured dog, which, once you start running in the house, cannot stop. Or you can end up with broken items when all you can stop is your curiosity cabinet! There is another problem with pets and laminate floors (again, mostly dogs) that will be mentioned in the Unforeseen wet areas section.

Small children

Again, these floors can be quite slippery depending on the texture of the laminate you choose, so children will also have trouble maintaining balance. Think carefully about the textured floor you choose when there are small children in the house. The use of socks, slippers or soles with wet soles on this floor can greatly aggravate the problem.

Many have the impression that laminate floors are softer than ceramic tiles, due to the cladding that is installed under the floor. The lining is there to reduce the sounds that the floor can produce when walking, not like a pillow. Make no mistake, laminate floors are hard. A fall on a laminate floor could leave a child with the same injuries as a fall on a ceramic tile floor.

Spills are another potential problem of laminate flooring, which can be expected when children are at home. Children and spills go hand in hand, but make sure spilled liquid is cleaned immediately. If the liquid remains on the floor for a long time, it can cause the panels to swell, which will ruin your floor.

Humid areas

Bathrooms are not a place for laminate floors due to moisture. Even with the extractor installed, there is still too much condensation and water in the bathroom. The boards will eventually swell and the floor will be destroyed. In addition to the water problem, once the toilet is placed on the laminate floor, it is no longer a floating floor and will not respond correctly.

Kitchens and laundries are popular places for laminate floors, but they are also wet areas. Washing machines, sinks, ice machines, washing machines and water heaters may leak. You may be able to get away with the installation in these areas, but keep in mind that you should be aware of leaks and repair them immediately.

Unforeseen wet areas

The wet areas you have never thought of may be hidden in your home! Unfortunately, I have first-hand experience with this in my home. In the living room and hallway, we have laminate floors. Our overflow air conditioning drain was backed up and all the water passed under our new laminate floor. When I realized what had happened, it was already too late and the floor was completely destroyed.

Unforeseen wetlands can also be a consequence of your pet. If your dog has a favorite place to relax at home, you will find it again, even after placing the new floor. I know that nobody likes to admit it, but it is a very common problem. You may not even realize that the dog is doing this until it is too late and the floor is destroyed.

Keep an eye on your laminate and it should take a long time. If none of these things is a problem for you or you are sure you can handle them, then the laminate floor might be right for you. It makes a beautiful floor, easy to decorate, easy to install and is much more durable than carpet or vinyl.


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