Six tips before floor installation

floor installation

The installation of the ideal floor for each area of ​​the house is as important as choosing the right wall color or furniture.

If you are renovating or building a new house or office, you already know the different types of options available in the market for floors and everything else.

Choosing the right floor can take a long time because you have to take into account the general theme and the color scheme of the area before finalizing everything. But once you have chosen, all you have to do is worry about installing your floor.

Many people choose to have their floor installed professionally, but if you do it yourself, there are some things to consider before beginning the installation process. These general tips should be taken into account, no m

atter what floor covering you is laying, from laminate floors to vinyl floors and floors.

Remove dust Many floors require a clean and dust-free surface before they can be installed. For example, if you plan to install a carpet in the room, you must ensure that it does not contain dust; otherwise, the floor will attract all the dust and it will be difficult to install it. The best way to prevent dust from entering the room is to seal it, not only by closing the door but by using plastic and adhesive tape.

Remove the doors.

When installing the floor, the doors can become a major obstacle and can also be scratched during the process. It is better to remove the door before beginning the installation. Simply wrap it in a blanket and once the installation is complete, close the door securely again.

Reinstall the socket. One of the easiest ways to place your floor under a skirting board is to remove the skirting board and reinstall it once the floor is in place. You can also take this opportunity to change your socket.

Door trim. One more difficult thing to do than remove the baseboard is to remove the ornament from the door so that the floor can be installed correctly. Many floor installers do not focus on the edge of the door, but if you want the room to be perfect, you should worry about the edge of the door and reinstall it once the floor is in place.

Prepare the subsoil. If your subfloor has imperfections and is not level, you must correct these defects before installing a new floor. You must also ensure that your subfloor is completely dry before laying the floor.

Prepare the outer cutting area. The floor must be cut to fit the room perfectly Prepare an area outside the house where this work can be done to reduce the damage caused to the interior.


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