Open floor house plans: 5 reasons to choose them

Open floor house plans

Open-plan house plans incorporate multiple “rooms” in the same shared space.

As a general rule, the dining room, kitchen and living room come together to form a spacious space, sometimes called a large room. Since the light and vertical space give the impression that each room is larger, many architects of the open floor house plan also include high ceilings, large windows, and skylights for the large room. Look even bigger.

If you think about the open floor house plans for your dream home, you will appreciate the list of benefits of the following floor plans.

1. The ideal design for entertainment.

Have you ever noticed the flow of social butterflies at a good party? The easy ability to move from one group to another is an excellent event. In this way, your social life can even improve with open door plans. Designers recommend an open floor plan for those who plan to hold many social events.

2. Foster relationships with a comfortable shared space.

Follow in the footsteps of Steve Jobs: Promote interaction through an open floor plan. In Apple’s Pixar building, Jobs placed everything that was important: mailboxes, the cafeteria, the cafeteria, in an atrium in the center of the building. This brought together employees who would otherwise have no reason to meet. Jobs acknowledged that an open floor plan unites people in a positive way.

Jobs’ goal was to encourage innovation. If you want to promote family life, open plan housing plans will also be right for you. When she includes a comfortable shared space in her dream house plans, she encourages mom, dad, and each child to spend time with the family.

3. Spend less green.

With less money spent on labor, supplies, and frames (for the construction of all these intermediate walls), you could spend less on an open-plan house.

4. Live big: make your house look more spacious.

With fewer walls, you will experience more space, as people tend to judge space based on lines of sight. As creatures that first became bipeds to travel long distances through grasslands, we tend to feel more comfortable in more open spaces. In simple terms, an open floor plan makes each house “live to a great extent.”

5. Flexible design.

With some solid furniture, you can convert a large room into almost any configuration. If an additional guest or two guests come to your elegant dinner, you will have the space to welcome them, provided you have additional chairs. Or, if you want to create a more intimate atmosphere, you can block a comfortable space with silkscreens of Asian inspiration. An open floor plan offers the flexibility of use. It is much easier to move some furniture than to move a solid wall.

However, it takes a little effort to create the feeling of different “rooms” in an increasingly large room. Suppose your “den” in the corner feels too open and unprotected in the great room. You can add a sofa to create the feeling of a wall and hold it with a bookcase to store it. Add a carpet to take a look at the room, add some artistic lights and voila: you’ll feel like sitting in a separate living room. To delineate each room, use carpets, lighting, furniture placement, and a separate color scheme.


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